Pegasus Mail v4.51

Pegasus Mail v4.51
Dateigröße9.1 MiB
AufgenommenDonnerstag, 2. Juli 2009

Die neue Pegasus Mail Version vom 2 Juli 2009.

Folgende Bereiche wurden überarbeitet:

Autofiltering folders  Pegasus Mail was the first mail program to have filtering rules (back in 1990, in fact), and its filtering capabilities are still the envy of most mail programs... but they can be time-consuming and fiddly to use for simple tasks. It occurred to us that what most people want to do with filters the majority of the time is simply to file mail they receive from and send to particular people so it all appears in one place. In v4.5, you can do this incredibly easily using the new Autofiltering folder support. Any folder can be made an autofiltering folder at any time - just right-click it in the folder list and choose the option there to enable it. When a folder is marked as autofilteringand you copy or move a message into it, the program will subsequently move all messages you receive from that person, and copies of all messages you send to that person into that folder - it's as easy as that: move a message into the folder, and Pegasus Mail will do the rest from that point on. You can turn autofiltering on and off for folders at any time using the right-click option, and the program is clever about handling messages you send to multiple recipients including a person whose address is a target of an autofiltering folder. We think autofiltering is a hugely useful feature and hope you like it .

HTML line drawing  The message editor now has a new Draw line button that allows you to draw horizontal lines in your HTML messages. When you reply to HTML messages, the same line style is now also used to separate your text from the text of the message to which you are replying.

Full justification available in editor  The message editor now supports full justification of text in your messages. Choosing full justification will force your message to be sent as HTML.

Vista-ready help system  The program now has a new help system (you're using it to read this, in fact) which avoids the bugs introduced by Microsoft in the Windows Vista operating system.

New reply options  The way the program initiates replies to messages has been overhauled. If you press , you will get a normal reply using the reply-options dialog. If you press , however, you'll get a "quick reply" - a reply with no reply options dialog using the last settings you used. Similarly, pressing will start a "reply-to-all" without an options dialog using the last settings you used. Notice also that the reply button now has a down-pointing arrow at its right-hand side: clicking this arrow will open a menu allowing you to generate any of these types of reply, as well as to change the default behaviour of the button itself.

Signature top-posting  You can now instruct the program to insert your signature above the text to which you are replying when you generate replies. This practice is called top posting, and to old-fashioned people like me it's hideous, but who am I to argue with a new generation? .  Enable signature top-posting in the Messages and replies preferences page.

Spell checker works on the subject line  When you spell-check a message, the spell checker now also checks the subject line.

HTML generation and rendering improved  As always, where HTML is concerned, the never-ending process of "keeping up with the Joneses" continues in this version of Pegasus Mail, with better rendering of HTML mail, and considerably better generation across the board.

Transcript support  Mercury/32, Pegasus Mail's mail server companion product, can generate what are known as "transcripts" - reports showing the time and details of the delivery of a message you send to someone else that can be used as pretty reliable proof of delivery. Pegasus Mail now has an option on its message editor's Special page to enable requests for Mercury transcripts on a message-by-message basis, and you can specify that the option should be on by default in the Messages and replies preference page. The option has no effect and is harmless if you do not use Mercury.

Mailbox maintenance utility  Pegasus Mail now includes a utility program called MBXMAINT.EXE, which allows both commandline-driven and interactive maintenance of Pegasus Mail mailboxes from outside the program. MBXMAINT can be used to move mailboxes, check and repair folders, and to compress deleted space from folders. To use MBXMAINT, simply run the EXE file without any parameters.

Simultaneous multilingual release  V4.51 is being released simultaneously in versions with full French, German and Italian interfaces as well as English.

Faster  Long-term users of Pegasus Mail should notice v4.5


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