KuNoMail english

KuNoMail english
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The programme is not an alternative to IncrediMail, but has a few more functions built in. You can very easily customise the design of the programme using different interfaces. With the Magic Mail Editor, you can create stationery that probably hasn't been done before. There is even the possibility to include a slide show in your messages.

The programme supports IMAP/POP3 accounts with SSL & TLS, with the help of a wizard these can be set up very easily.

If you want to switch from IncrediMail, you can do this very easily with the add-on IncrediMail Importer, this imports all data to KuNoMail.

There are also some additional notifiers (assistants) in the shop that notify you about new mail.

Other functions:
+ SPAM Manager
+ Email search
+ Email account wizard for easy setup of local email accounts
+ Standard functions for sending and receiving emails
+ Assistants inform you about incoming / outgoing emails
+ Voice control is included. Audio support for dialogues (in the full version emails can be read aloud)
+ Create and manage signatures
+ Add and delete email folders
+ Hiding (not loading) older emails (depending on settings)
+ Link to your KuNoMAIL online account (automatic synchronisation of your purchases and licenses)
+ Save emails in *.eml
+ Print emails
+ Create folder via context menu - file (via administration it is possible)
+ Zoom function within an e-mail
The programme can be tested for an unlimited period of time.




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