TBBackup (english Version)

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TBBackup (english Version)
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Thunderbird is one of the most commonly used E-Mail programs. However, Thunderbird lacks a determining functionality: A Data Backup!
Advantages of using the tool:

* Backups of all important Thunderbird data can be created easily just by the click of a button.
* The tiresome and cumbersome process of looking for Thunderbird data that is distributed randomly in the system is eliminated completely.
* It is compatible with all current versions of Windows and Thunderbird
* Automatic, scheduled backups can be carried out.
* All data are present in compressed files.
* Incl. backups of Mozilla Calendarand Firefox Bookmarks.

How the tool works?

TBBackup automatically recognises all Profiles that are being used and collects all relevant information about each individual Profile.

During the backup you are lead step by step to each level of the process and allows you to choose what data you wish to backup and what you wish to exclude.



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